Monday's Post

Reminder: If you haven’t entered last week’s contest, there is still time.

Also, if you like to laugh, as you should, go check out my friend Casey’s blog post concerning a list of 30 uses for a toothpick that she and I came up with.

So, to today’s post. You know, I wanted to share the link to Casey’s blog and ended up titling my post “Monday’s Post” and deciding I was too lazy to come up with something more creative. Deal with it!

Anyway, I’m going to use my lazy-forced title as my inspiration for today’s post. This is my beginning to a new week! Monday is awesome in its gateway to a new week filled with possibilities. (Yeah, this is kind of an anti-Garfield thought.) Ok, so throughout my life, I’ve always enjoyed giving people advice. In high school, the advice I gave to friends was taken about 1% of the time (and that means about 2 things I said was actually used.) In college, people listened to me about 5% of the time (that’s cause you get smarter in college.) Nowadays, I try to avoid advice and stick with opinionated. It seems less hurtful when people ignore my opinions.

But something that I’ve enjoyed a lot lately is critiquing people’s writing. Why? Because I get to be the most anal-retentive person at that point in time. I would get to be nit-picky on grammar, word usage, continuity, and comma splices. (Isn’t ‘splice’ a cool word? Oddly enough, almost had a splice in here earlier.) Either way, if I could get paid for critiquing people’s writing, it’d be awesome. If I could be an editor for a publisher or agency, it’d be awesome. I’d get to use my nerdy grammar guru knowledge for the greater good!

Now if I can find an editing company/agency/publisher that could use my nerdy knowledge, it’d be almost like a dream come true. Being a non-self-published author, that would be a dream come true.

What are some talents you feel could benefit your life or others that you wish you had time to fine tune?

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Time to give up your job modifying the WENUS and become a copy editor. 🙂

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