Contest Winner

Yes! I realized last night that my closing time for my first contest was midnight on 6/23/2010. That means that my contest ended in the middle of the night.

Before we get to the winner, let me just say that I had difficulty finding a favorite that would receive the extra entries into the contest. Well, I’m going to say that I ranked the top three stories. First place got the three extra entries. Second got two extra entries. And third got one extra entry. Let me share their stories with you. (Mind you these are my favorite stories and not the winner of the contest.)

3. Chris: I remember when I was in high school – had to be senior year – and a bunch of friends and I went to a bowling alley one night. Well, I made some comment to my friend about getting a beer or something, and my friend made a bet with me that I couldn’t get one. So I walked up to the bar, just asked straight out for a Fat Tire (I mean, it *is* the best beer afterall), and was practically handed one. And throughout this a cop on duty was standing right there. So needless to say, my friend paid for my beer and then some.
Now, I will point out that at the time I thought (and don’t ask me why I thought this) that, being 18, I could get beer. So I probably was alot more calm doing this undere that impression… But still, I like the story for the simple fact that I did it next to a cop.
(Blogger Note: Yes, I  don’t drink and definitely don’t promote underage drinking…but come on, the guy got a beer in front of a cop.)

2. David:

Just remembered (this was probably meant to be considering I met my wife a week later but) my brother-who is 10 years younger than me wanted to introduce me to a girl he thought I would really get on with.

So I went to meet up with him and get introduced-
met her…
She thought I was my his Dad, so before the conversation went anywhere else I said bye-bye.

I wasn’t even gonna bother with that one
(Blogger’s Note: A story I didn’t share. I went to Utah State University to tour housing. My old mission buddy took me to the housing area to help me out. Well, this mission buddy is a full foot taller than me and three months older than me. When we got there, the housing employee introduced herself to my buddy and then said to me: “And you’re his father?” I dropped my jaw. “No, I’m the one looking for housing.” “Oh, sorry. You just looked so old talking on your cell phone.” Since when does that make a person old? Yes, every time my 3-year old daughter picks up a cell phone I think to myself “She looks like she’s 16 now.”)

1. I was 25. I had 2 children. I was 4’11″ (still am). A salesman came to the door to hock windows or water filtration devices or something. He asked, “Is your mom home?”
“Probably,” I said.
He looked understandably confused. “Can I talk to her?”
“Just a minute. I’ll see.” I grabbed the cordless phone and pretended to dial.
“Umm?” He looked at me like I was an idiot.
“I’m calling to see if she’s at home and if you can talk to her.”
“She doesn’t live here?”
“She and my husband get along, but people need their own houses you know. Especially a family with young kids.”
“Oh. You’re the mom.”
I nodded.
“And I probably blew this sale.”
I nodded again.
He left.
I’m still smiling.
(Blogger’s Note: The reason Sarah got the three votes is found in her last line.)

Now, time to announce the winner. Drumroll please….what? No drumroll? Dang. Pretend one in your head. The winner is:


Finny, please email me at tbronley(at)gmail(dot)com with your address and if you would like Goblin Quest or The Stepsister Scheme and I’ll get that out to you.

If you get a chance, go on over to the Utah Children’s Writers blog. I’m a new Tuesday blogger over there. Well, every other Tuesday, and yesterday was my first post. And as always…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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