I Win, Thank You

So, the most important news that you’ll read today: there was a caption contest on the Why Do I Live Here? blog. I am overly pleased to announce that I won. Click the link to see my awesome and hilarious caption that you’re jealous you didn’t come up with. 😀

Also, please note that the problems in my previous post have been fixed. Josi Kilpack has her very own trailer right next to Sarah Eden’s. This was not an injustice rectified but the fact that hidden cameras and microphones were put there to catch every “I’m better than you” moment between the two.

It was a long weekend, in which I froze waiting for fireworks (yeah, I was shocked that I did), witnessed a blacksmith forging a broom handle, and discovered how riding a mechanical bull is easier than it looked but also more painful. (Yes, this sentence is correct.) And after a fairly hot and sleepless night thanks to the one-year old, I’m not all ‘there’ today.

Now, I won bragging rights for that contest in the first paragraph. I’m awesome! Yeah, I am. Anyway, I was thinking, what would I have really liked to have won? Well, there are a few things that I think would be great for my comical entry that mocks Stephen King. (Yes, that’s a bad thing to do, I know.) Here are the contests that I’m going to make up that I wish I’d win.

1. The real Surivor: LDS Authors….um…duh!
2. A free critique/edit of my book from any of the following agents: Sarah Crowe, Colleen Lindsey, Kate Epstein, Becca Stumpf, Chris Richman, and basically any well-known/respected member of the agenting world.
3. A free critique/edit of my book from any of the following authors: Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner, Jim C. Hines, Dan Wells, Rob Wells, Marion Jensen, Annette Lyon, Josi Kilpack, Sarah Eden (name order for these two is out of fairness), Julie Wright, Jessica Day George, Aprilynne Pike, and basically any other author I respect in the writing world. (David West is omitted since he is part of my critique group.) (Stephenie Meyer is just plainly omitted for my dislike of all things Twilight. Note: I’m sure she is a lovely and awesome person and I should be grateful if she were to be able to do a critique for me.)
4. About any of 100 books on my current wish to read list.
5. A critique on my query letter from an agent that will just turn around and say “well, I don’t like the query, but the story intrigues me enough, so send it in instead of me critiquing it.”
6. A massage.

Well, that’s just a quick list of random things. And now it’s time for…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Tu sait ce que je voudrais gagner? Chocolat, biscuits, ou biscuits enrobées de chocolat. 🙂

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