10 Random Ways to Annoy Your Coworkers

(First, some awesome news. I won. Yet again, I, the ever awesome T.J. (or Tim for some of you) have won on another blog. Granted, I was the only entry in the category. But, I cared enough to enter because I loved the creativity. So, go visit the ever funny and very kind Annette Lyon’s blog today to see my awesome story. It would’ve won if anyone else entered of course.  Either way, I get to give things to my wife now. Also, be sure to check out Casey’s blog for our weekly 30 things to do with a plastic bottle.)

You didn’t ask for this, but you know you want to know some awesome tips.

1. Debone a trout at your desk. (Yeah, there’s an hour or three right there. Maybe this should be a time waster.)

2. Whenever you move your mouse, mimick sounds heard during NASCAR events (zzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooommmmmmmmm)

3. Guzzle water and complain about how often you have to pee as if you have no idea why. (Obliviousness is bliss.)

4. Mumble to the “other” voice. (I’m sure plenty of you already do this.)

5. Talk to your monitor as if it were your significant other. (I have two, they may get jealous of one another.)

6. Always complain that the coffee in the pot is old despite never drinking the stuff. (Shoot, I take a whiff of it and complain normally.)

7. Confess your undying love to every inanimate object around you. (Oh dearest stapler, how you’ve given me the deep connection of my life.)

8. State everything you are doing. (I think I’ll go pee now. No wait, I need to make that copy first. Then I can pee. Right after I finish this blog.)

9. Listening to Polka through your speakers. (Is Steve Urkel around?)

10. Airing out your gym socks, and maybe your underwear, in your cubicle. (“Dude, why are your clothes hanging over into my cube?”)

2 Responses

  1. #2 is officially my favorite. ZZZZZZZZZrooooom!

  2. Don’t forget this one:

    As you’re listening to your headphones whiles you work, sing along as loud as possible. This works best listening to Slayer or similar.

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