Take Your Side

I haven’t posted anything fun in a long while. I’ve been working on this for a while now, but really, the idea is about 4 months in the making, I just didn’t know it then.

You may have noticed that since my “Survivor: LDS Authors” blog post, there has been some “tension” between authors Sarah M. Eden and Josi Kilpack. (Ok, seriously, it’s all in fun and I’m going to continue the fun that I created. Especially since it’s been a while since I’ve aimed at the ‘rivalry’ that I started. Instigating is fun, as long as they don’t come back and haunt me or something.)

In honor of a book/movie series I have little intention of noticing, I’m going to bring up the fact that said series is always in a heated (albeit weird) debate between Team Vampire and Team Werewolf. (Honestly, those names sound ten times better.)

So, today it is time to take a stand. Are you Team Josi or Team Sarah?

(Honestly who talks like this? It should be stated as “Are you on Team Vampire or Team Werewolf?” not “Are you Team Douchebag or Team Loser?” Seriously Annette Lyon, where were your Grammar Guru/Word Nerd skills when this was created? Bigger question, who the heck cares? Besides, Hopeless Chick ends up with the Douchebag and the Loser is a pedophiling werewolf in the end. Why have a side when you know the outcome?)

Let’s break down why you’d be on which team.

Team Sarah: Sarah is successfully short (an inspiration for those of us who are vertically challenged.) She is also a writer of lovely Regency Romance (I define that as 18th or 19th century England romance – aka – Jane Austen-ish. Who knows what it’s really defined as.) Currently she has Courting Miss Lancaster. She also has a book due out next year that I’ve suggested Transforming Miss Thornball (or whatever the chick’s name was.) Her humor is very contagious. And she can successfully say that she’s got so much sarcasm that it’s falling from her Arizonan red hair. Sarah has also caused a bunch of nervous authors to laugh out loud multiple times with her great stories such as “I Am Not a Cereal Killer” and “Working Out with Dan and Bubba.”

Team Josi: Josi is a well-beloved LDS author of Culinary Mystery’s (whose titles make me hungry.) She can sweeten you up with Lemon Tart, Devil’s Food Cake, English Trifle, and Key Lime Pie. (I’m still waiting on Pecan Pie here!) Josi’s humor comes from blunt exaggerations. She’s got a great following and many fans to go with it. She’s probably a lot more humble than she lets off. She’s very feisty in spirit and is a successful mom.

Neither one is vying for my attention, which is good, because I’m not vying for theirs like some loser who can only find love in mythical creatures. Besides that, I’m happily married. And I’m writing this post for the pure spark of randomness that it is.

Each one, however, is awesome in her own right. But the battle has begun (thanks to me) and it has continued (thanks to me), so which side will you choose? (Come on, this is entertaining, especially for a reality show fan.) Are you Team Josi or Team Sarah? And would you buy a “Team Sarah” or “Team Josi” t-shirt? Seriously, I should make those! I could make a lot of money! Of course, I’d have to own one of each. Maybe I can sell enough before the next Storymakers conference.

So join me in looking at the better battle of the century. Honestly, the best place to see their match-up has been my blog. They’re far too kind to hold this grudge on Twitter, but we all know they secretly want to.

But take your stance (or your Swiss-like neutrality) and announce once and for all, are you Team Josi or Team Sarah?

Please state your loyalty in the comments below. They’re always awesome. (Especially if your name rhymes with Marah Seden and Kosi Jilpack.)

FYI: Notice the equality between naming each lady first.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


6 Responses

  1. First off, I am WAY more humble than I have previously advertised, like you don’t even know how humble-humble. Way more humble than Sarah Eden. And while I’m not quite as short, I’m still short. Didn’t get to ride Colossas until I was like 13 years old. But speaking of age, I’m older and wiser than my rival–Little Miss Eden. I also think I’ve read more regency romance novels than she has–about 900 or so. Did I mention I make really yummy cookies and everyone on my team gets some? Butterfinger, lemon, craisin, macadamia nut–what’s your pleasure? Choose wisely, oh ye fair ones, choose wisely.

  2. Let it be known that I, Sarah Eden, am far too humble to post in my comments how humble I am. Furthermore, in matter of shortness… I still can’t ride Colossas, and likely will never be able to.
    I will concede the point on not being older. I think this shows as nothing else could how very wise I truly am.
    I read at least 900 Regencies so far this year and have definitely written more Regency Romances than Ms Kilpack ever will.
    I do not bribe people with cookies. I do not need to. Those who claim Team Sarah know that I bribe people with t-shirts. Actual t-shirts. And those t-shirts are cool in a way that cookies can never, ever be.
    So let it be written. So let it be done.

  3. I’ve never read either author’s material, but with no offence to Josi, I’m going to go with Sarah for the following reasons:

    1) I’m short too
    2) I read/write Christian romance fiction.

    • Apparently Tim thinks I’m too tall to be Team Sarah. Josi, if you make me some cookies, you may be able to sway me to switch sides (apparently we’re about the same height too). 😉

  4. If I ever join a team, I will be ON it, not just BE the team.


    But choosing between these teams?

    Can’t do it.

    • Ah, the wisdom of my favorite Word Nerd. And yes, I predicted that your neutrality between these two awesome women would be your final say.

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