Have You Been to Hell?

So, isn’t that a good question? Well, maybe not. I don’t really care. What the title is referring to is SlushPile Hell. It’s an awesome place to visit, especially if you’re an aspiring writer (if you feel like an entitled aspiring writer, then it’s not for you.) Well what is it exactly? Basically, DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL BE MOCKED BY THE WRITING COMMUNITY. (You know, like write a partial sentence in all caps. That’s just not cool.)

Did you know that work can be thought of as a hell? Yeah, I’m sure you have. My job has been so busy lately that a coworker and I made a suicide pact to jump off the roof if this one project didn’t work. It did. Phew. But, honestly, my work load has only intensified. I’m supposed to be studying for the 1st half of the Certified Management Accountant exam that I will be taking a week from tomorrow. Yeah, like that’s going well with all the stress from work and such.

In great news, I finally got rid of Zombie Blue Green Phone as its final name became. I haven’t named my new phone, a Samsung Intercept, yet. It’s really cool. It has Android and Google and other funky things. Seriously, I could almost use it as my tool to write. Not likely, but it’s a good thought. I really do like this phone. Now if I can figure out how to get better ring tones. Although I do have something that sounds like a yellow-alert/red-alert beep that plays when I get a text or other notifications. That’s kinda cool. Plus, when you type : ) you get an alien looking smiley. How awesome is that?

In more advertising news, I get to go away from work on September 30th for the 2nd Annual Book Academy Conference. I went to the 1st annual conference. So my goal is to go every year and on the 10th year, I’ll be the keynote speaker. Of course, judging from the pattern of keynotes for the last two years, I’d have to change my first name to Brandon. But I’m excited to hear the awesome speakers they have lined up. I’m really disappointed, however, that I have to choose only 4. Next year, let the thing run until 8 or so. That won’t be exhausting or anything, right? Alas, I’ll have to figure out who to cut out. I’ve narrowed 17 choices it to 6. I won’t name them because I know that they all get jealous of one another when I pick one over the other. And I still will have to choose 2 to not attend. If this were really my biggest stress-inducing problem right now, I’d be happy.

Ok, I guess that’s it. I have about a million other random thoughts to write, but unfortunately, I am out of blogging time for now. Therefore, I do recommend that you go to hell. And by that, I mean Slush Pile Hell. And until next time…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. 1) There is an app for WordPress. 🙂
    2) you can upload a track from a CD/MP3, etc and edit it into a ringtone all for FREEEEEEEEEE!

  2. Love this blog and its recent obsession with the word “hell”. Thanks for not falling back on toothless euphemisms like “heck” and “fetch”. Good stuff, I’ll be checking back often.

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