More Fake Dear TJ

(Important note: 2 more days until The Book Academy!)

So, we’re going to continue the fake tradition here of Dear T.J. because, well, it’s funny to me. And if it’s not to you, well, you’ll enjoy today’s letter that I wrote to me.

Dear T.J.,

You realize you’re not a published author and therefore are not really credible to follow concerning writing, editing, getting an agent, or being published. The best thing you can say you’ve accomplished for yourself in the writing community is becoming known by praising awesome authors. And seriously, all you do is name drop as if you’re somebody special or just by knowing these people you’re some awesome dude.

With Much Apathy,

Irritated Follower

To which, of course, I reply with:

Dear Irritated,

I’m not published? I’m not famous? What gives? Oh wait, I do live in reality and know that I’m not nearly as awesome as (insert awesome published author’s name), but that doesn’t mean I’m not credible when it comes to advice. I’ve been to writers conferences, not an expert on them, but honestly, I know how to behave at them.

Also, my name is known for being random by many more than I ever would’ve thought possible. Yes, I owe a good part of that ‘fame’ to Annette Lyon. And I’ve given her chocolate for it (and will probably give her more.) But I still continue to do what I can to make myself entertained on my own blog. Honestly, my number one fan that I have in mind when I write is me.

The best thing about my blog has been the people I’ve met because of it. I have absorbed awesome from (long list of authors that I’m sure I’d miss at least one person from if I actually named them). Without my random praises, I wouldn’t be where I am.

My goal on New Year’s was to get an agent this year. I have not gotten there yet. However, I have made so many writer friends, including ones that are published, that it has been just as worth it. And to top it off, I even have an agent following me on Twitter (the agent of choice who will be seeing a blood bath between Graham and myself in an effort to sign up for a pitch session with her at LDS Storymakers next year.)

Lately, I haven’t had much time for writing. One day I’ll be published. It’s not an if, it’s a when in my mind. Why? It’s my goal. If I don’t persevere for it, I won’t ever achieve it. All I can do is work toward it. And yeah, I have a far way to go, but I’m miles closer than I was. And if you, my fake follower who really didn’t write me but it’s me poking fun at myself, don’t think I’m special, then go away.

I know I’m awesome because of the people I know. The only difference is, I couldn’t care less whether or not anyone else thinks I’m awesome for knowing these awesome people. I feel accomplished without having accomplished things in the public’s eye. (Also, no one but me would write a Survivor: LDS Authors blog….well…maybe Elana Johnson.)

Still Don’t Care if You Don’t Think I’m Cool,

T.J. Bronley

So yeah, that’s how that’d go. If you’d like to ask me a random question and be featured/praised at Timothy Types TMI, go ahead, email me one. Why not? Advice is free, mine’s usually comical when it’s not a serious question. And even if it’s a serious question, expect the most random answer I can generate, which I usually can.

If I don’t get any questions, I’ll still come up with random ideas, don’t worry about it.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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