Music Mashups – Week 4 (a few weeks late)

So, Casey and I haven’t done Music Mashups in a while (mostly because work schedules prevented us from focusing on it. Seriously, what is up with that?) But it’s back! I know, you’ve missed it terribly and were so sad by it that you couldn’t even bring yourself to request knowing when it was returning. I’m sure of it. As always, there are 20 mashups and Casey has 1-10 over at Camiba’s Corner. Be sure to check them out as well.

11. Drops of Jupiter Falling Down – If that’s the case, I’d quickly find a way to leave the planet. I mean, seriously, if Jupiter blew up for some reason and started heading our direction I’d be pretty darn scared. Wouldn’t you?

12.Weird Fishes Entertain the Pain – This could be taken many different ways. There’s the bad S&M connotation. But I’m thinking this is a book title about masochistic fish. It’d be like The Little Mermaid on crack.
13.I’m a Conspiracy Believer (I’m a Believer + Conspiracy) – Let’s see, if I started a conspiracy that Josi Kilpack and Sarah Eden are working together to take over NBC, would you believe it? No? Oh well. That’s a true conspiracy believer.
14. Chasing One’s Car (Chasing Cars + One) – Have you ever left your car in gear and had it keep going and going and going without realizing it?
15. Run Without Her Leaving – If she’s there and ya gotta run because you’re cheating on her with this other chick…well…good luck there buddy. You better run without her leaving you.
16. My Loser Friends (My Friends + Loser) – I’m sure that there are people that classify me as their friend and then I get the sub-classification of loser, ergo, I’m on the “My Loser Friends” list for sure. Sweet! Anyone else on that list? No? Just me? YES! I WIN, SUCKERS!!!!!!! (Wait, this isn’t a good thing? Crap!)
17. Breathe Someday – So, a lot of people ask me what I’m going to do today or what so-and-so is doing at this moment and my sarcastic response has been “breathing”. But, apparently, some people aren’t doing that right now. They’re waiting for the nonexistent “someday” that I guess isn’t happening right now. Well, you go ahead and breathe someday, I’ll go ahead and not die right now.
18. Miss Independent Crawling – This is the sequel to the Kelly Clarkson (who is still hot, by the way) hit Miss Independent after Miss Independent decided that she didn’t want to fall in love. She went crawling back to the guy. Bwahahahahahaha! Whatever happened to Miss Independent? Booyah! (Obviously followed by Mr. I’m Sorry.)
19. Marching Ants Slide (Ants Marching + Slide) – So you’re at a playground and you go to the slide and realize there are ants on it. Then you notice that the line of ants extends all the up the slide, down the stairs leading up to it and back to the bottom of the slide. And you realize “The ants are playing on the slide!” Yeah, that’d be awesome.

20. Real World: She’s So High – aka The Lindsey Lohan Story. Do I need to say anything more here? No, I really don’t think so.


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