My Heroes

For some reason, I’m having a very strange day. A kinda emotional and personal day. Anyway, I saw the word ‘heroes’ on something and it got me thinking about people I view as heroes. I seriously have always looked up to people (probably because I’m one of the shortest guys I know.) But at the same time, I have contemplated more and more what makes a person my hero. Now, there are lots of people I admire and respect.

So, I’m actually not going to name drop today. (I know. I’m the biggest wannabe because of all my name dropping. Just not happening today.) But I am going to discuss a few people I view as heroes and what makes that person so special to me. There are 10 that I’ll talk about today so I can list it as a ‘Top 10’, except they’re not really top 10, they’re just a list of 10. (Note: While some of these people I’ve met from a religious experience, I’m staying away from religion in this post. Also, I’ve met all these people at least once.)

1. My oldest brother: Yeah, a lot of kid’s heroes are their dad. But when I was a little kid, my oldest brother was my hero. He was the coolest person I knew and I wanted to be like him. He was the leader of me and my brother, for whatever reason that was. It helped that if you looked at pictures of him and I from when we were both really young, it can be difficult to tell if it’s him or me. (Is my grammar correct here?) Anyway, I’ve learned that there was something about him being a hero that makes me feel naive, and sometimes, that’s the best thing.

2. My dad: What made my dad so special? Well, he raised me and put up with all my crap. Wow! Because of a back injury, he was out of work for a while. So he took care of the kids while our mom worked for a good amount of time. Well, he was an electrician, a doctor, a history professor, a taxi driver and a million other things that he never got paid for at our house. I’ve learned that he didn’t always have an answer to everything. But he did his best to figure one out.

3. My LDS Mission President: The man was patient. He was kind. And you could tell that he never stopped learning. I think that’s the thing that made him so great. He always seemed to educate himself in some way. And he always genuinely cared about the people he worked with.

4. One of the Assistants to the President (mission): This guy, for whatever reason, always made sure that he talked to me. Yeah, sometimes it felt like he talked down to me, as I look back at it, but I needed things to help uplift me during that time.

5. Another Assistant to the President (mission): I actually felt like he was my friend. I think that’s what made this guy so cool. Whenever I was around him, I felt like he was my friend. But I learned that he was willing to try and help me in whatever ways I needed while on my mission.

6. A male author: (Yep, you can say “Who could that be?” I’d be willing to bet that less than 10% of the people reading this would answer correctly.) This writer is awesome. His attitude reminds me of mine, sometimes. He’s humorous and knowledgeable of many aspects in the publishing world. His accomplishments are actually fairly reputable as well. I wish I could do what he’s done and what he’s doing. Seriously, as much jealousy as I could hold for him, though, I found a huge amount of respect for him that overshadows my jealousy.

7. Another male author: (Oh good, now it’s becoming easier.) This one is different from the previous one because of his humility. (Not that the first guy wasn’t humble.) He always seems willing to talk to people about whatever needs be. He appreciates his fans more than some authors seem to. And he seems extremely grateful for his position as an author. These attributes show every time I see him, and that’s what makes him so honorable.

8. A female author: (Yep, it’ll be difficult to figure out.) Solely for this woman’s knowledge and resourcefulness. Seriously, if I could figure things out and know them the way she does, I’d be awesome.

9. A friend of mine: This guy has patience of steel, humility of (not sure what shows strong humility), and kindness of (hmm…stumped again). Seriously, I don’t know how this guy puts up with so much. I really don’t But I respect him and wish I had all those abilities of his. (And I know you’re saying “But, T.J., you’re so kind and humble and patient.” To which I respond, “And sarcastic and cynical and greedy. Honestly, did you just meet me?” To which a few of you can respond, “Yes.”)

10. My maternal grandfather: Something that made him so unique, based off stories from my mom and aunt, is his knowledge of languages. My mom’s parents (notice the proper use of apostrophes, you offenders) immigrated from Hungary to the U.S. So, automatically, my grandfather spoke Hungarian and English. But he also knew many other languages. Rumor had it he could speak Hungarian, English, German, Spanish, and Japanese enough to carry on a normal conversation. Rumor had it that there were countless other languages that he was familiar with enough to be able to hold a useful conversation. My sister and I both hold this passion for languages. If only we could be like him.

Well, there’s my calm soothing post for those wanting something uplifting to read. If you’re not looking for uplifting, I’m sure there’s a post on here that’ll help with that as well.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. That’s a pretty great list of heroes. It also shows where your priorities are–rather revealing (in a very good way) about the kind of person you are.

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