Chocolate Never Faileth

To be AWESOME!!!!!

Ok, so there’s this cookbook by the ever Awesome Annette Lyon (don’t ask my why “Awesome” is capitalized, my fingers did it and I thought it looked cool.) Here’s a picture of my favorite cookbook in existence:

Isn’t it awesome! Wait until you see what’s on the inside.

Well, let me tell ya, Mary and I bought the cookbook a few weeks ago and we have made a few yummy treats out of it.

First, we made the 3-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake. It was very good. Best way to describe it? A single-sized serving of chocolate cake in a mug. Downside (if you want to look at it that way) there was no way that Mary and I could eat it all. Our daughter even helped and there was still a little left. I think we had just eaten too much lunch and weren’t expecting such a thing as manna from heaven to grace our table. (Please ignore the “Preheat the oven” statement. It is an error and in no ways Annette’s fault. It’s Annette, you think she’d do something like that?)

The next morning, I made Chocolate Crepes. (I pronounce the e the way you would say “bet” not the way you would say “bait”. Yes, I speak French and I’m the correct one here.) Breakfast never had been so yummy. See, in the past when we’d make crepes, we’d add chocolate chips and whip cream because that’s how our kids enjoy them. But these were just so good that I couldn’t believe it. All they needed were…well…nope, nothing I can think of. We did the fresh strawberries and whip cream and enjoyed our morning.

Well, unfortunately, we were short on time and didn’t get to do much else for the next little while. But then…

I found out that the accompanying DVD was available. So Mary and I hightailed it to Seagull Book where we bought it (along with a few other books, amazingly enough). And when we got home, guess what we watched. By the way, Sarah M. Eden is in this DVD. When you watch it, count the number of times Sarah moves the cooking spray can in the beginning. I’d discuss the height discrepancies in the video, but you’d have to know Sarah and Annette to know what I mean.

Well, in that video, Annette and Sarah demonstrate how to make some yummy things. And after watching the treats, Mary and I had to make some treats.

So, we experimented with the chocolate bark and turned it into butterscotch-chocolate bark. It turned out good. The butterscotch ended up a bit strong, but still very delicious.

But, the thing that can best be compared to as “chocolate heaven”…or I’ll call it “moments of bliss” are the Tiger/Zebra tails. Marshmallows on a stick surrounded by yummy chocolate…mmm….I’m getting fat just typing this up. But honestly, when they were chilled. I know I like cold food generally better than hot food. So cold chocolate Tiger/Zebra tails was certainly a great treat. Plus, my wife did them a little different than how the pictures show and Annette compliments Mary for her creativity.

And, if you follow Annette on Twitter (or a bunch of other random people that I also follow) you will have noticed that next Thursday (October 28th) is National Chocolate Day. Shouldn’t this be a bank holiday? Well, I only know this actually since Annette passed some info on to me. But, she also let me know that The Chocolate Cafe in Orem, UT will be hosting a launch party for Annette and Chocolate Never Faileth. According to Annette, the festivities will be from 4-7.

Goal for the next week: Convince Mary to go to The Chocolate Cafe (somewhere I’ve actually suggested to her that we should go to with Annette and Sarah and their husbands since I hate being the only guy around) next Thursday.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. YUM!!!!! Can’t wait to get this cookbook.

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