10 Things I Learned Last Week

So, last week was kind of a blur for me. I had a bunch of stuff going on, so I decided to share some of my insights from last week.

10. My friend Casey has a paper Voodoo doll of me: I solved this mystery finally on why I get dumb back aches and leg pains. Yes! Well, I have no proof of it, but we did compile an awesome 30 Uses for Paper list to be read here. Check out #4. #1 is actually my favorite, along with #24. Ok, now we’re sounding like combos on a McDonald’s Menu

9. Tweetdeck for Android Does Exist: I searched it when I first got my phone. Then I searched it again on Monday. Apparently it got released and I’ve been happier ever since. Yes, my life is that important (Yes, I know you read ‘sad’ instead of important. But it’s ok.)

8. It’s Almost NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month. For the last two years I’ve said “Yeah, I should do that.” The last two years I’ve said “Nope, I’m in the middle of a book I don’t want to put aside.” I realized, most importantly that my test was last Saturday and that I can return to the writing world. Yay! (Go on, throw confetti.) And now I’m more excited with the time I have to prepare for NaNoWriMo and not studying anymore. My poor book has felt left out lately.

7. Burger Preferences Do Change: Moving to Utah, I was sad to lose In ‘n Out. There just wasn’t anything that compared. Someone created a fake In ‘n Out, got sued, and closed when the real deal arrived in Utah. And I was ecstatic. Just not for long lines. In the meantime, I visited a place called Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Yeah, there wasn’t any turning back. I finally visited In ‘n Out (which my dad thought was my favorite until last Saturday) and said to my self, “Nope, it’s Five Guys all the way.” So sorry So Cal, but there is something better. (By the way, I never liked your fries In ‘n Out.)

6. I Can Sell Fancy Drinks: There’s this awesome restaurant called Los Hermanos (please don’t say Loss Her-mon-iss, I’d seriously punch you. Up there with saying I’m from ‘Cali’. I’d rather hear your nails on a chalkboard) in Utah county. You can buy a t-shirt from them and get a free fancy drink. Well, a while ago, I did that. I haven’t eaten there much, but the shirt’s paid for itself by now. Either way, my dad’s wife’s son and son-in-law and daughter-in-law (I’m not sure I’m going to go with step-brother, step-brother-in-law, step-sister-in-law) were looking at my fancy drink and thought it’d be cool to try one. So I explained my aficionado opinion of the fancy drinks of Los Hermanos and the waitress told me I should be a waiter. I said, no, I’ll just wear the shirt and try the drinks.

5. Chocolate Pecan Pie is Good No Matter How it Looks: So, my wife’s family all know that I love to make pecan pie. It is by far my favorite pie. And I try to make it annually. I hadn’t made one in 2010 yet. Well, when I read an article concerning Chocolate Never Faileth and Annette discussed a Chocolate Pecan Pie, I knew I had to buy the book to make the pie. Well, I finally did and it looked atrocious, in my opinion. Being the pecan pie snob that I am, I was displeased with look. Well, Mary’s cousin from England took one bite and said it was great. So, I had to try it. Yeah, it was good. So good, in fact that everyone in the house had to eat it. (Thanks Annette!)

4. I Can Handle Change: My dad came up on Saturday with his new wife. Most of the week I was gearing myself up to getting ready for my kids to call my dad’s new wife “Grandma”. Yes, I love my mom a lot. Unfortunately, she’s been gone for 8 years. I do intend for my children to know who she was in any way I can. But my dad’s new wife is awesome and is willing to be a grandma to my children. I don’t want to pass that up.

3. Snow was in the forecast: Yeah, that just kinda sucks. I need more rain and more fall colors please. (Yes, Apryl, please stay away from this state unless you’re geared for snowboarding in the mountains. No sunshine-surf days here.)

2. Thursday, October 28 is National Chocolate Day: And I’ve convinced Mary to go and pay a visit to the Chocolate Cafe that afternoon/evening to party with Annette Lyon. There’s chocolate there, so the obvious “Partying Annette Lyon” style doesn’t need to be stated. Be sure to join the fun if you’re in Orem. I know a lot of you will be jealous of Mary and me. Plus, our cute kids will be there entertaining people since I’m sure my son will have chocolate everywhere.

1. The “Pacman” strategy: So, this was my favorite thing learned last week. In studying for my CMA exam, I learned about this little concept. Basically, I’m sure you’re all gonna be bored soon as it does relate to business. Basically, there are things that are called “corporate hostile takeovers” where one business tries to buy out another in a very forceful manner. Well, imagine Pacman is your business and the other business is the four ghost-like aliens chasing you. Yeah, the Pacman strategy is you eat the miracle dot and you get to eat your enemies. Bwahahahahaha

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


5 Responses

  1. Yesterday, At Five Guys, Noah and I had an “in-depth” conversation discussing the difference between In-N-Out fries with Five Guys fries. Five Guys won.

  2. At least In-N-Out copy cat that got sued is still in business. I know this only because I live near it and they’re still running–but they had to change their menu and a bunch of stuff. (Never have tried In-N-Out. Now I have an excuse not to.)

    Thanks for the double props!

  3. Hm….if you’re referring to the copy cat in American Fork near the Seagull, Annette I’d check again. They’re not there anymore. Maybe there’s a second one?

  4. Super hilarious!

    never heard of 5 guys until today, and now I’ve heard it twice. making me hungry.

    Grandmas are great!

  5. Clever post! 🙂

    A few things:
    –> In-N-Out is, and will always be overrated.
    –> There’s something that bothers me about 5 Guys, but I can’t remember it for the life of me.
    –> Fancy drinks are fun. Sometimes I wish I could drink, but then I look at those drinking and regain my senses.
    –> I call Los Hermanos, “The Brothers” … no mispronunciations here.
    –> I still can’t remember the thing about 5 Guys. But I’ll give it them, they are pretty dern good.

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