10 Favorite Survivors That Didn't Win

Ok, the Survivor finale is upon us and it’s been a while since I wrote a Survivor blog. It is, after all, my favorite tv show. And that’s why it’s so important to analyze this topic.

First, I’m going to specify what qualifies for this honorary spot. (Come on, it’s one of my top 10 lists, of course it’s honorary.) They had to be in at least the final 4 or be in the final 5 that was featured in the final episode (like Survivor: Cook Islands).

10. Rupert (Survivor: All-Stars): He was, at that time, one of my favorite Survivors. (Stupidity ruined him and the heroes in H vs V. And you know what, Sandra prediction when she voted him out was so poetic and awesome.) Rupert got screwed over in Pearl Islands. His return to Survivor and alliance gave him a good shot to the end. And then he got screwed over by a chick named Jenna who feared a purple rock.

9. Yau-Man (Survivor: Fiji): No one was more awesome at being ‘old man on the island’. His vote out at the final four was one of my least favorite moments in one of Survivors worst seasons.

8. Jeri (Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains): The original black widow. Yeah, she got 9th in All-Stars, but she got revenge on Colby and Tina in All-Stars. Then she got revenge on Boston Rob in Heroes vs Villains. Can we get a Survivor: Masters where she can get revenge on Russell? (And see Sandra win a 3rd-million dollars?) But, Jeri was very likable in Heroes vs Villains, even as a villain.

7. Stephen (Survivor: Tocantins): Before that final tribal council, I was rooting for Stephen to win. Seriously, it was like a breakup to the Stephen/JT bromance. But, Stephen used his wit to get to that final tribal. He didn’t use his physical prowess, believe me. Did you see him run?

6. Terry (Survivor: Exile Island): Terry got screwed over. Well, kinda. He saved Danielle. She screwed him over. He would’ve won if he kept winning immunity. (He was a little whiny in the end and I doubt Aras would’ve voted for him.) But still, Terry was a good possibility of winning the game.

5. Eliza (Survivor: Vanuatu): Seriously, she should’ve won just because of her eyes. Getting screwed over in Vanuatu wasn’t cool. And honestly, why don’t people like this chick out there? Just cause she’s smart enough not to get a boyfriend out there (of course, it worked for Parvati, but that chick just flirts with anything that moves.)

4. Cirie (Survivor: Exile Island & Survivor: Fans vs Favorites): A final 4 finish and a final 3 finish for this woman who claims that all she did was sit on the couch most days. Come on, how is Cirie not awesome?

3. Elizabeth (Survivor: Australia): Yeah, I know that a lot of people look down on her for being a right-wing-Republican. Of course, I’m mostly right-wing myself, but that’s not why I liked Elizabeth. She was sweet, kind, and mostly innocent during her game. Many people wanted to see her win that final 4 immunity. Also, she’s the only contestant in the final 4 to make it 39 days and not be on the finale. Just a thought. (Stupid 42-day season.)

2. Amanda (Survivor: China and Fans vs Favorites): Back-to-back Survivors. Back-to-back final tribal councils. 78 straight days of playing Survivor. And back-to-back losses. Honestly, one reason I like Amanda so much is that my four-year old (who was 2 during Fans vs Favorites) would see Amanda on the screen and say “Daddy, it’s Amanda!”

1. Rob Cesternino (Survivor: Amazon): I picked Rob to win from the very beginning of the game. And he almost did. He’s dubbed the ‘smartest player not to win’ the game. Nothing in me disagrees with that. Rob has always been one of my favorite Survivors. But I’d never want to play the game with him. For some reason, I’d fear him stabbing me in the back.

I’ll get back to writing about writing. But I’ll have to worry about that later. I just wanted to talk about Survivor so you didn’t forget about my love of the game I will probably never play since I’m not sexy enough for them.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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