Storymakers Contest

Almost two months ago, I registered for LDS Storymakers, which will be held May 6-7. Not sure if I’m doing bootcamp this year on May 5th. I want to. Just not sure it’s gonna happen. Well, there’s this awesome contest here that I would like to win. Why? Did you read it? If not, I’m going to explain what the winner gets. (For some reason, I almost wrote ‘whiner’. And then I thought, shoot, maybe that’s a sign that I’ll win it!.)

The winner actually get an assigned seat at the Friday dinner. Why is that cool? Because of who is assigned to sit with you. First, there’s Sara Crowe. Why is that cool? Only because Sara is one of the most sought out agents I’ve heard of. Honestly, Sara was #2 on my “I wish to pitch to” list. Oddly enough, #1 on my list ended up as an agent attending the conference. How bummed I was that I couldn’t pitch to both. 😦 But, I had to go with my gut. If I win this, will I try pitching to Sara? Not sure I can answer that. I’d have to win this and then keep my dinner down.

Second, I really don’t know who Larry Brooks and Marcia Markland are. However, I do intend to research them, especially if I win.

But, finally, I’d get to annoy James Dashner more. Gees! What an awesome prize for me. (Crap, still need to read The Scorch Trials.) But hey, it’ll be easy to get him to sign the third 13th Reality novel I own….still haven’t read that either.

So, go check out the contest. And just wait until you see when I win it. I do have hopes for one other person besides me if I don’t win it. Other than that, I want it! 🙂

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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