Drafting Done

So, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I have completed the “first” draft of my novel. It hits above 72,500 words. “First”, by the way, is in quotes because I’ve written the same book about 5 or 6 times. This time, I have it right. The other versions were craptastic and craptacular (as my writer friend Elana would say.)

I know that I haven’t blogged lately. But if I spent time blogging, I wouldn’t have been writing my book instead. And you know what, that was more important at this time. I’m forcing myself to take a breather from it, despite the fact that I so desperately want to start looking at revisions (mostly to get them done and over with). It’s time to relax though, something that’s difficult to do.

So, I got to go to an LUW Workshop/Class today (it’s Saturday). For the first part of it, we were supposed to be critiquing. Well, the person I was supposed to critique with didn’t have anything. I didn’t have anything. So we enjoyed a nice conversation while I worked on finishing my book.

Even better, the aforementioned Elana came to speak to us. I got to hold her ARC. (For those that follow me on Twitter and Facebook, that’s 2 ARCs of yet-to-be-released works I’ve got to thumb through this week.) But her presentation (what I listened to since I was so desperately trying to finish my book) was awesome. Honestly, I’ll be emailing for a copy of it. It was nice to hear her affirm the non-outlining way that I write.

So, just an FYI, I’ll be in revision hell for the next little while. I don’t know how well those revisions will be, but at least I’m done with the final version of the story. Time to clean it up. And until I’m done, always remember:

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Again, congrats!!

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