Music Mashups Round Eleven

It’s that time again. Round 11 is ready for your reading pleasure. Go visit Casey in Gnarvtopia to see mashups 1-10. And then come back here for 11-20 because, well, they’re awesome!

11. Going Nowhere Brick By Brick: Well, no wonder you’re not going anywhere with all those bricks in the way. Keep putting them up and no one will be able to get to you either. Gees!

12. My Hero, I Did It For You: “I’m the damsel in distress.  I purposely got picked up by the giant gorilla climbing the Empire State Building, tied to the railroad tracks with that bullet train coming, fell off the boat into the lake full of crocodiles, and ate a poisoned apple all so you could come rescue me.” The plot for AntiPrincess

13. Tonight, I Don’t Care Tonight: I don’t care so much that I’m repetitive!

14. Self-Esteem Taking Over Me: As is my ego, pride, and arrogance! I’m an author with a bunch of groupies! (Note: If I have a well-selling published book, please don’t become a groupie.)

15. First Time Use Somebody: Second Time, shoot, use them again. Maybe they’ll let you do it again.

16. Trouble Chasing Cars: See, I always have this problem chasing cars. They stop at these red signs or those red lights and I run into them.

17. Bubble Toes Falling Into Place: Any kind of toe fall out of place doesn’t sound pleasant. So this should be a relief for the person with the bubble toes.

18. Space Dementia, If I Had It All: If I had Space Dementia, I would think I had it all. That’s dementia for ya.

19. Consolation Prizes, Get Over It: You lost, deal with it! At least you got something. I’d rather lose the Super Bowl than not make the playoffs! I’d rather be in the Final Four and not win than not be invited to the tournament. (Unless they’re offering Lee Press On Nails, that’s just not a cool consolation prize: EVER!)

20. Santa Monica Mystery: They were here. Now they’re gone. On the Santa Monica Pier. What happened to them? It was their time. Why? (See note below.)

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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