Welcome Back

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. But this is something I miss a lot. The free flowing-ness of my random thoughts.

So….what have I been up to?

Really, work. And a lot of it. Work has been so busy and life has added its busy-ness that I have not had the time to blog or even write much.

I’m supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo….it’s more like NaNoFailMore. But, because of a friend of mine, I joined a critique group, with which I met last Friday. But instead of printing off the over-revised chapter 1 (which I probably would’ve done a ceremonial burning of the pages had I brought it instead of getting it critiqued), I brought chapter 6. Why? One simple thought: I know that the storyline from chapter 6 through the end of the book isn’t getting overhauled. Yeah, it was hard on my critique group and it took some explanation. Also, I was stupid and didn’t read through that chapter since I originally wrote it last year. So really, we’re talking a MAJOR rough draft. It was pretty embarrassing to be honest. But on the same token, it lit a fire under me. Time to revise. I’ve dreaded revising chapters 1-5 because of the major changes to those plot points. But now that I’m ignoring those, I’ve enjoyed moving forward.

Like Willie Wonka says “You can’t go backward. You’ve gotta go forward to go backward.” I’m gonna apply that to my book.

Also, I finished reading 2 books in the past month. That amazing? For me it really is. Oddly enough, they were by brothers.

First, I finished Variant by Robison Wells. It was nice to have a good fast read. And the book itself was really good. Also, if you haven’t bought it, I recommend it. It is a worthy read. If there were more books like this when I was a teenager, I would’ve read a lot more. And the twists and turns in this book were awesome. I really liked the plotting here.

Second, I finished I Don’t Want to Kill You by Dan Wells. And oh my gosh! I wanted to cry when I was done. I also finished it on a flight from Vegas to SLC. I think I should’ve been reading the Hunger Games, though, since the lady next to me was reading Catching Fire and the lady next to her was reading Mockingjay. Of course, I’ve already read it. Anyway….Dan Wells’ 3rd book is honestly my favorite of the trilogy. I really didn’t expect to like it so much. I loved I Am Not a Serial Killer and enjoyed Mr. Monster. But there was something about I Don’t Want to Kill You that was more awesome than either of the previous one. Like when…wait that spoils it….oh but when John…no wait……and then when….Dangit! It was really good.

Also, if you haven’t heard by now, in September, my wife and I found out we are expecting child #3. Seriously, this is scary. I already have one of each, so I don’t really mind if we have another boy or another girl. Half of me wants a girl. (If you can’t guess what the other half of me wants, then here’s your sign.)

If you’re doing NaNo, go you! I’m failing miserably at it. But I’m loving revising again. Like really loving it! I’m so excited to revise and bring a much better chapter 7 to critique group than that crappy chapter 6. Go me!

By the way,

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. What?! This is how I find out your wife is pregnant – with twins!? jk. 😉

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