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So, I don’t know why, but I really like starting a blog post off with the word “so.” There’s something cliche and common about it that I really like. Nothing relevant to the rest of this post. I just thought I’d share that.

Writing update: I’m not worrying about word count in my new book, “Stilz”. I’m more worrying about getting the story written. Right now, I’m on chapter 3, feeling like I need an outline. I really do prefer “discovery writing” so I’ll probably outline it after I’ve written it or if I really do write myself into a corner. But for now, I’m gonna take my time on chapter 3 (mostly because that’s what I’m accidentally doing.)

This week marks the beginning of 2012’s writing conference season (to me anyway). I view LTUE as a great way to get my butt into gear when it comes to writing. I love going and hearing about different authors and their books and feel my jealousy determination to write rising.

As long as all goes as planned, I’ll get to go to LTUE for the 3rd year in a row. In 2010 I heard Dan Wells give a presentation on the 7 plot points. An informative thought process that has helped me in writing. (Maybe I should do that for this book and realize what I’m missing.) I also got to hear a live recording of Writing Excuses, which was beyond awesome.

Last year for LTUE, I was debating taking a sick day so I could go to all 3 days of. That was a huge hope for me. So imagine my joy when I woke up the first day of LTUE with a pretty high fever and saying things that made no sense. My wife and I argued about me going to LTUE, work, or staying home. I lost all arguments and stayed home. The next day, when I was supposed to be at LTUE, I instead read tweets about LTUE and watched movies on my couch attempting naps.

But I did get to attend the 3rd day of LTUE where I had difficulty sitting in classes because of this cold. I stood in the hall and talked with my awesome friend Taffy during the times I couldn’t sit through class. I did get to sit through 2 hours of Wrighting Excuses recordings. And got a tweet from Taffy that said something about me looking like I was still pretty unwell. Oh well. I made it to LTUE, that was the goal.

So, this year, as long as I can get all my work done that I need to do by Wednesday night before I go home, I can go to all 3 days of LTUE.

But, also, let me advertise something else, if you’re a Utah-resident author. Precision Editing Group is putting on a workshop the first Saturday in March. If you’re up for some critiquing from some awesome women, then I suggest going. I’ll attempt to be brave and bring my writing to get told that I’ve misused commas, used the wrong “their”, and wrote the most confusing sentence ever. (Okay, hopefully I didn’t use the wrong “they’re”. That’d be a heinous grammar crime if there ever was one.)

Until next time…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. As much as I want you to go, I don’t want you to leave me on Thursday & Friday. 😉

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