A Wish

So despite the fact that I wish for more time to read, more time to research my family history, and more time to play video games, I really wish I had more time to read.

And not just that, I wish I had the ability to read quicker. Did you know it took me a year to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Well, I started it in July 2004 and finished it in July 2005. I stopped it around Thanksgiving 2004 though. So that may not count.

I’m such a slow reader that when I was within 100 pages of finishing Mistborn and The Sword of Shannara that I wouldn’t let anyone bother me so I could just finish those beasts. And I don’t know what happened.

The summers between my high school I used to read a Star Trek novel a day when I had nothing better to do. (Yes, I”m one of THOSE nerds.) But I’m so ADHD that I can’t even get through a four-page chapter without wanting to find something else to do.

And it’s not like I’m wasting time on crappy books. (Well, to be honest, I only know of a few that I can define that way.)

Let me show you how ADHD I am (perhaps it’s unable to commit to a book. Whatever.) Here is a list of books I’ve started and where I am on them.

Elana Johnson’s Possession: Somewhere in chapter 3
Brandon Sanderson’s The Well of Ascension: Chapter 6
Howard Tayler’s Shlock Mercenary: somewhere in January or February of its 2nd year
Randy Tayler’s Mugging Leprachauns is Totally Legal: 1/2 way done
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: the 2nd short story in there.
Stephanie Black’s Cold As Ice: Page 50-55
Jim C. Hines’ The Mermaid’s Madness: halfway through chapter 1 (who interrupted me there?)
Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule: Chapter 12 (or somewhere around there.)
Terry Brooks’ Isle Witch: About page 100
Tyler Whitesides’ The Janitors: Page 100

This doesn’t include the close to 50 or so library books I’ve checked out in the last 8 years that I only read a few chapters on before returning, plus the 2 Star Trek trilogy series that I’m on book 3 on and it’s been so long since I’ve read them that I have absolutely no idea what was going on. And I can add in the 20 or so books I started to read before 2004 and never finished. We could add the books throughout my elementary – high school life that I never completed. (But really, who doesn’t think they were all friggin’ boring? Does it matter what they were? You couldn’t read for fun?)

So yeah, my wish is that I can hold my interest in a book (honestly none of these that I haven’t completed are boring). Notice I said “I can hold my interest…”? I’m not blaming the books. I think they’re all well-written. I just have this problem with ADHD and looking at opportunity costs.

Well, what would your reading wish be? More of this blog, I’m sure. But besides that.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. I’d say I can relate, but well, we both know that’s not true. Maybe you need to focus on one book at a time. Read after the kids go to bed for an hour or so instead of watching something on Netflix.

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