Visit Me and Banana Split

I finished Josi Kilpack’s Banana Split! Why am I so excited? Because my goal for reading 10 books this year is 20% done. Yay!!!!!!! I’ll be reviewing it here in a moment.

First an announcement:

So, you know how this blog is so awesome? You know how you sit there every time you read a post from me and think “I wish T.J. would write some more”? Well, guess what, my goal of blogging more in 2012 has suddenly hit reality because I’m on blogging for two more sites right now.

I’ve been given the opportunity to write once a week on the LDS Writers Blogck website. This is an awesome group of authors with great thoughts and insights to be shared. You can read my first post here.

I’m a little more excited about this 2nd one. I was asked to join some friends of mine at a blog called Mormon Geeks. These are some of my closest friends and I’m so excited to have joined their boat shortly after it left shore . . . yeah . . . that was kind of an odd metaphor. Anyway, the blog started a few weeks ago and I joined it this past week with two awesome posts, if I do say so myself. Gotta say, though, the other posts on the blog are friggin’ awesome, also. So if you like anything in the sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, steampunk, gaming (video or non-), etc, then I think this site is worthy of some attention. Also, there are some friggin’ awesome points made in some of the points.

Okay, I can talk about that site more another time, or just check it out. Now, on to my review.

Most importantly, look at that cover! Seriously, have you gone to any site that shows all of Josi’s Sadie Hoffmiller books? (There’s a link above that’ll take you to Josi’s site where you can see the 7 delicious covers.) These covers are awesome! They are perfect for the target market. I know I’m an accountant, but I recognize good branding and marketing too. This screams of “cozy mystery” and not in any bad cliche. If my wife really liked cozy mysteries, then just looking at this cover would tell me I need to buy it for her.

While Banana Split wasn’t my favorite book ever written, it was actually good enough to make me want to read the rest of the series. If you are unaware, Banana Split is the 7th book in a series and more interestingly, it is the 1st I’ve actually read. (To be honest books 1 and 2 are on my bookshelf. There’s just something about receiving a brand new book and having to read it and ignore the stuff I already own. That’s ADHD for ya-squirrel!)

So, should I start for likes or dislikes? I’m gonna guess that Josi will probably read this review at some point, so I’ll start with dislikes. 🙂

It was a little long for me. Personally, I could have lived without a few things here and there. What? I don’t know exactly, I’d have to reread the book to find them. I also really didn’t like that every time I read the book, I kept wanting to eat something (especially desserts).

Something that kinda bothered me was how it felt like 2 stories in one and the one really had nothing to do with the other. I felt like I ate a little too much red herring to enjoy the salmon feast. (FYI, I hate seafood, but it was the best way to describe this.)

The word nerd / grammar Nazi guru in me did catch a few errors. I don’t know why I notice these more and more than I used to. Maybe it’s reading one too many posts by Annette Lyon. It honestly makes me feel arrogant and prideful. Nonetheless, they were there. One thing I learned from Lisa Mangum at LTUE is the difficulty it is for an editor to find these errors. And in all honesty, most of them would have been easy to miss, in my opinion.

Yeah, enough hashing out on the negatives…if you call them that.

Something I really liked was how quick the chapters went by. I wasn’t stuck in the middle of something when I had to put the book down to help my pregnant wife or one of our children (again, helping my pregnant wife). I’m sorry, but I really love short chapters. Now, if each page was a new chapter, I’d be annoyed. I don’t like them that short.

If I were to tagline what you’re about to read for Banana Split, I’d say “flow your way through a Hawaiian mystery with Sadie Hoffmiller.” Her writing was very smooth. I can actually read another Sadie Hoffmiller book. But, more than likely, my next book to read by Josi will be Daisy, the 2nd published book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series. And until I get to review that and anything in between…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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