Take A Moment

With kidlet #3 arriving soon, I’ve felt massive amounts of stress weighing me down. Every week I tell myself I’m not gonna plan for anything, and every week I feel so booked that I remind myself that “next week will be emptier and I can relax.

Sanity is important to me. In order to achieve that, balance is required. And one thing that I do to help me balance is to freely write. Whether that’s a free-write from a writing prompt, write something completely random, or work in my WIP somewhere other than the next scene, I feel much more grounded and balanced when I do it.

My mind gets so full sometimes that it’s nice to release some of the random ideas, especially with my WIP. This past week, I decided I didn’t like the way chapter 4 ended and just wasn’t feeling what chapter 5 would be. Well, I ended up writing “Chapter X-1” because I know it’ll end up as the 2nd to last chapter (at the very least). It was such a helpful task to look far enough ahead and mention things that I’ve only considered having happened, but definitely feel like they should happen.

Writing is so nice, especially when I just take a moment let the thoughts freely leave my mind and get into the Word document. But it is only one of many options for what I can do when I just need that mental numbness.

What do you like to do when you need to take a moment?

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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