Book Review: Paige by Annette Lyon

First, before I get to the review, please note the website address for my blog. Some still use the old one.

Second, I hope to blog here more often. But until then you can read my posts on MormonGeeks or LDSWritersBlogck. Of course, I’ve not been the most active at either.

Third, I feel I owe an apology to two people. The first is Heather Moore. I had agreed to review Paige, put it off, and ended up forgetting about it all together. For that, I wish to publicly apologize to her. And second, to Annette Lyon. I mean, it is her book and out of the four authors of The Newport Ladies Book Club, she is the one I am closest friends with. Hopefully she’ll accept my apology and the fact that I am always ranting and raving about how awesome Chocolate Never Faileth is. (Seriously, that’s a book I’m hoping that will have a sequel.)

Fourth, oh yes, this is a review.

After having read Olivia, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the character of Paige. I saw her as this mousy little girl who was a stereotypical late-20s Mormon mom. But then I read Daisy and saw her stand up for herself against a very pissed off Daisy and thought “This chick just got a lot cooler.” So I was much more excited to read Paige, looking forward to her viewpoint of that face off.

Paige is the story of a recently divorced mom who doesn’t trust men. The more I read Paige, the more I kept thinking “Hey lady, get it through your thick skull that not all men are jerks!” Then, I hoped she’d realize that it was trusting herself that she needed.

My wife really connected with Paige’s character because she fears some tragic accident where I die and she’s left to be a single mom raising our kids. And when she mentioned that, I realized how I’ve had those fears. No, there’s no way I’d ever be a single mom. But it isn’t impossible for me to be a single dad. And I just gotta say, that’d suck.

For me, there are a few themes in Paige. The first is priorities. She reminds me of Rachel’s mom from FRIENDS, who said “I went from my parents’ house, to the sorority house, to my husband’s house.” Paige has only had her one boyfriend, who she married and divorced. She doesn’t know anything else about relationships, it seems. And I feel that it is quite interesting as there are a lot of people out there who only have one relationship and don’t know what it’s like to breakup with someone or even be without a companion.

The other theme I saw was placing value on friendship. Paige gives the air of having no real friends prior to this story. I don’t mean to say that cruelly, but rather, she just never placed an importance on friendship. My opinion is she had casual friends. She’s not an unlikable person, she just never put much effort to her friends. The thing that kind of bugged me was that she recently moved back to California. And by the way it sounds, she was there less than three years previously. Why did she not have any friends from before? She was active LDS and had no one in her old ward to whom she could turn? There aren’t married student wards in Southern California like there are in Utah. In her defense, of course, she was doing her best to avoid her old life and anything that reminded her of her ex. But again, she wasn’t unlikable. Just a plot point I had an issue with, but didn’t really detract from the story.

All in all, I did like Paige. I felt like she had a good story about gaining personal strength. And I definitely enjoyed the “she’s got young kids” comments made toward Nick Jr, PBS, and chicken nuggets.

I give Paige four out of five chocolate brownies.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.



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  1. Thanks for the review 🙂

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